Website Design - Stop Colouring In Your Whole Website

Or in other words, stop cluttering it and adding things for no reason.

Think about space.

Not all space needs to be covered.

White space or any other form of no content is also known as breath space for website users. Allowing them to identify and understand the information they have just read giving them time to evaluate.

White space helps the web page breathe and enlighten important pieces of information or a certain image. Too much content can bore users. Use spacing!

The Best Websites Utilise Space

Websites that use spacing effectively are “Apple’ and “Tesla”, these websites flow efficiently, ensuring each page is easy to understand and read. As well as spacing these sites use the design principle “Hierarchy” this method enhances pieces of information on each page.

The way they use space ensures the important elements stand out.

Like that - See what I did there, how your eyes are instantly drawn to that sentence because it stands alone.

For instance, increasing the size of the graphic compared to other aspects on the page or it could be that the font or style of the letters could be different to the rest. Likewise using spacing around a certain aspect can attract attention and grab the eye of the user.

In summary, when designing a website you should take into consideration what you want the viewer to be drawn to and what can be left out.