Top 5 SEO Myths That Are Damaging Your Business

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

SEO (search engine optimisation) isn’t the dark art that everyone claims it to be. Still, there are some un-truthful myths floating around that could hinder your ability to climb the competitive Google rankings.

Here are 5 SEO myths to look out for ⬇

#1 Long-tail Keywords Describe The Length of The Keyword

Nope (although this would make sense), long-tail keywords actually refer to the demand curve of that particular keyword, not the number of words.

Long-tail keywords are specific phrases your potential customers may type into Google, such as “exercises for building muscle” and “the best walks in Halifax”. These phrases are usually searched less frequently but have less competition, therefore have a higher conversion rate.


#2 SEO Is a One Time Thing

Even though you’d love nothing more than to just tick it off the list, SEO is a continuous process. Once you’ve hit your objective of ranking high for your researched keywords or increased your website traffic, you have to continue to keep it that way; otherwise, you’ll find yourself back to where you started.

#3 Stuff In The Keywords and Forget About Mobile Usability

Who cares about mobile usability when you have 30 keywords stuffed into the homepage of your website. Well, Google does! As of June 2019, 50.1% of worldwide Google searches were completed on mobile.

Google’s priority is its users. Therefore it makes sense that Google wants to ensure that the user experience is top-notch on both desktop and mobile. Google also took this into account in the June 2021 ‘User Experience’ algorithm update.

You can check your site mobile useability for free here, or hit me up on LinkedIn if you have any SEO questions.

#4 SEO Is A Way to Convert Customers

You’ve got your long-tail keywords down to a T, and your mobile usability is as sleek and fast as Usain Bolt, but 0 conversions. SEO will not convert customers. That’s what your brand awareness and landing page are for.

SEO nudges your audience towards your website. But to convert that audience, you must focus on the design, copy and spreading brand awareness through other mediums.

#5 Loads of Money Equals Instant Results

Just no. And anyone who tells you otherwise is a liar and shouldn’t be trusted with your website. SEO is a patient game with a lot of trial and error to see what works for YOUR audience.

Just like every industry, SEO strategies are unique to every business. For info or advice on SEO, get in touch with the team here or myself on LinkedIn.