Professional Photographer Vs Phone Camera

For me, the answer is simple…

When asked to write a blog post regarding photography, I was stumped. The medium is in such a strange place, millions of photos taken every day, yet it's occasionally not seen as 'worth it' as a profession.

Photography is the most used medium, and for that, I'm grateful. With popularity comes innovation and an overall appreciation for it. Still, with access to phenomenal tech and software, anybody can create beautiful work without training or academic qualification, and this begs the question - professional photographer or phone camera?

The photographic world is saturated, with millions taking photos every day. It's part of our everyday lives.

In the times of film and less accessible technology, photography required a skill range that took time and practice to perfect. This filtered out the less committed students and essentially provided an industry space for the people who lived for the medium.

In modern times this skill range has become less required, with anybody having access to the most simplified version of photography, the phone camera.

I should say I am not about to go on a bile-spitting rant, supporting the cliché that "Phone photography isn't real photography – because it is.

From my experience working within the industry, I have found my skills increasingly harder to monetise, with the general consensus being, "well, I can just take photos on my phone".

The Benefits of a Professional Photographer

This attitude is why the photography industry is at its knees, for a fair reason. The accessibility and monetary cost of using a phone over a photographer are massively outweighed in the phone camera's favour, but there is a downfall.

1. Stand out from the crowd.

I believe with the saturation of phone images in our view every day. The everyday viewer has become complacent with the low quality of photos - high quality is the only way to stand out.

For instance, a small business selling t-shirts will happily take product shots laid on the floor with little to no editing or compositional consideration and be content with that.

Whereas a photographer will take great care in making those t-shirts look the very best they can be, be that with composition, editing or lighting.

It sounds like a small difference, but those actions make a huge difference.

Think of some of your favourite brands in your niche…

Whether a product or a service, big brands like North Face, Gymshark, and Mcdonald's all use professional photography, and there's a reason for it.

2. Add a creative spark.

Something a phone can't capture is experience. Experience from a photographer who knows what's trending and what will make the image pop.

Overall, I'm not ignorant of the idea that not everybody wants/can put money into a photography service. It is expensive. When you already own a device that can technically do the same things, it's much easier to stick with the latter.

But, with that comes a huge downfall of under-appreciating the thing you're photographing.

Photography from a phone will break down on 4k screens when used as a large format image, for example, on a website. A photographer will know what will work on a website/social media from a marketing perspective.

If a small business wants their product to sell, if a couple wants their big day to be remembered in the best way possible, if the thing you want to capture in a photograph is important to you, don't use your phone.

3. A dedicated team.

Hiring a photographer like me through Verbind Media means you don't just have my photography skills and a good camera. You essentially get the whole team.

Ideas from our social expert on trending themes, post-editing suggestions from our videographer and lifestyle shot suggestions from our web designer - Your phone certainly can't do all that.

You may have only paid for a full day shoot and editing, but the Verbind team are always willing to spread knowledge and expertise on how you can put the images to good use.

Thank you for making it this far on my little rant about why photographers are better than your average phone. If you need some creative, high-quality shots to make you stand out from your competitors, then get in touch with the team today.