Your Business and COVID-19

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

Any business big or small in the current situation is most likely being affected by the COVID-19. Unfortunately there is little we can individually do to combat the disease but have you considered if there is anything we can do to combat the change in our business'? Below are a few ideas you can implement today to adjust to the current market situation.

Marketing Related Tips

1. Consider extending current bookings and ongoing offers, this way your customer does not miss out on a deal they may have redeemed.

2. The power of re-scheduling. Businesses are being bombarded with refunds and cancellations but we have seen great success in driving a "rearrange alternative" If the customer is still eager to use your service but maybe at a later date, it may be worth offering a gift card or altering the date on the booking and fulfilling the agreement down the line, after all, it keeps your money in the till.

3. Don’t push on advertising new products/services, but rather focus on posting testimonials/reviews to show you are still fully operational, for both new and existing customers alike.

4. Start a gift voucher scheme. A £10 voucher worth £12 when redeemed next month. This is aimed at loyal customers who would like to support you through the difficult time and in doing so will save a little money in the process.

5. Introduce takeaways and deliveries. No delivery drivers? No problem, Uber Eats makes it easy, certainly worth looking into with reduced footfall.

6. Don’t forget to update your opening times if they are affected, there is nothing worse than someone making a journey to find out you are closed!

7. The below link presents a Coronavirus Response Toolkit. This includes posters that can be posted on social media or printed, worth checking out -

General Advice and Tips

1. Keep an eye out for government loans and grant schemes that are directly aimed to support businesses during the current events. It may just be that top up we need to see us through the next few weeks.

2. Follow any guides related to avoid spreading the virus.

3. Locate poster reminders for your employees to wash hands. It’s much harder to make it a new habit than it seems. This also shows your customer you are doing everything in your power to create a healthy environment to operate in.