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Nuby are a family run children's product retailer, selling in over 155 countries worldwide. A company of this size works with multiple marketing channels supplying a vast range of products to all areas. With new product launches on the horizon, Nuby needed creative content to work with, demonstrating how the products work, the style and purpose, whilst maintaining brand image and consistency. Alongside the marketing material Nuby needed product photos to advertise their new range on their website @nuby and through other distributors such as amazon


Commercial Video 

Production Photography



Over the past year we have worked with Nuby on a collection of product launches. These releases consisted of video work for each product to distribute throughout the website and social media campaigns. Like all product launches, Nuby needed a fast turnaround to fit into their campaign structure. With each unit available to play with the team got to work. 


Photography is always a must with product launches in mind. Some of which are below. For more please visit Nuby's amazon listing at - Amazon


Product photos can make or break any new product on the market. People certainly buy with their eyes, even more so in the new digital world, good photography is key. The photograph needs to be accurate and present the product in all its glory. From bottles to bags, toys to teddies, they all prove to have their challenges but are always fun to work with.

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There is nothing better than getting the desired user in for the shoot! Seeing the product in action is a great way to connect with the audience and close the digital deal. Consumers want to know what they are buying before hitting that "buy now" button.


Getting truly white background photos can be difficult and time exhausting for any business; especially those distributing through amazon and online retailers. Thankfully our infinity wall and on site photographers make the work a lot easier. Whether you have 10 products or 1000 products, we will get it done.