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Kitty Bills is an independent cocktail coffee bar in the seaside town of Seaton Carew. With its modern style aesthetics and theatrical atmosphere this is a completely different venue than that of the typical seaside pub. With the strong hit in the North East from Covid-19 Kitty Bills took no chances, implementing a clean and safe environment for both staff and customers. Kitty Bills wanted to encourage people into their safe establishment. We designed a new website containing both online Track and Trace and table service mobile ordering to allow customers every opportunity to stay safe. To attract locals and tourists they needed marketing material which would accurately resemble the brand; we created a short video to do the trick. 


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The video needed to resemble each part of the business, the drinks, the staff, the food, and the venue. This would be broken up across social media channels to promote different areas of the business with various offers and promotions. After creation and release the video generated over 30,000 views on Facebook alone.


This would be the first website for Kitty Bills. This allowed for a lot of freedom with the design. The brief included a website to resemble the brand; which clearly outlined the bars location and menu, with the potential to manage table orders electronically and support the NHS Track and Trace system.


We went on to create a modern design highlighting the colour and theatre of the bar's cocktails. With geometric shapes and animations to help the website flow, the user is guided through the narrative of what Kitty Bills has to offer, from coffee to pizza, stories to promotions. Have a look yourself, you can find the website here at -

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With the Covid-19 pandemic in full force, it's essential for catering facilities such as Kitty Bills to coincide with the government guidelines and support a track and trace system. With the new website build underway, we integrated a system which would allow the user to scan a QR code on entry and easily fill in the form containing all necessary information. The details were then stored and deleted after 21 days. A much better and safer method than pen and paper! 





To allow a smoother workflow from customer to kitchen during the pandemic, we are in the process of creating an interactive menu for drinks and food which will allow customers to easily select the drink they would like from the website and have brought to the table without having to queue or converse to raise an order.  

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