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Hawa Beauti is a start-up cosmetics brand with a wide range of beauty products in today's market. Hawa reached out to discuss taking her brand to the next level. With inconsistent photographs on her website we recommended creating a flow of images that accurately resemble the product. With more projects to come we recommended starting with white background product shots for each image to allow for the best user experience when shopping with the Hawa Beauti brand. With 52 products to shoot, the team got to work.





Hawa supplied us with a range of products from shades of lip gloss to various lashes and brushes. We created a large selection of white background photos for each individual product and added a range of creative white backdrop images that the brand could use to fill out their web page. 

Cosmetics are always fun for photography. The colours need to stay consistent throughout, giving an true representation of the product to the customer. After all, who enjoys buying the wrong skin tone because of inaccurate imagery? We created a process to capture perfect colour in camera to minimize any alterations in the editing process later down the line. This allowed for a clean workflow from start to finish giving Hawa exactly what she needed.


With all 52 products photographed individually for the online store, we created a selection of creative compositions to give Hawa some extra freedom when designing her website. She went on to use these images for content on her social media account to drive the brand and create traffic to the store itself. @hawabeauti 


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