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The R&B/soul artist famed for her time on "The Voice" reached out to discuss the release of her new EP "AMID". Chloe and her producer Jake Karno were looking to grow their brand within the R&B genre and secure their position in today's market. To do this they needed artwork for the EP itself, photography for the website, alongside photo and video content to promote the upcoming album through digital and PR campaigns. You can listen to the phenomenal artist over on her spotify


EP Album artwork design

Studio photography 

Location photography

Music video 

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The Artwork for the EP needed to stand out whilst maintaining the R&B soul genre. We went for filmic look on black and white modern photography. We wanted Chloe to play the protagonist in these covers to capitalise on the following she has grown over the years through The Voice and other singles released, whilst keeping some mystery to her character to reflect the themes covered in the EP itself. 

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The below 6 images were a select few from a 100 image gallery set shot over 5 hours in the studio with Chloe. These images were captured with the intention to be distributed throughout digital marketing campaigns and PR interviews but ended up also being the basis of the AMID album release, website and more. 

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Alongside the studio photography, Chloe needed on-location shots to increase flexibility and keep content fresh throughout the release. Chloe wanted to give off the vibe of city living to match the brand and genre but avoid any iconic locations which would isolate her in a specific place. We went for an industrial mysterious vibe with warm tones that match her character.

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Creating the "Mine Now" video was a blast. We went for an intimate setting of a white background isolated room; we kept effects to a minimum to highlight the power and strength of Chloe's voice. The narrative is very simple to drive home the emotion in the song. This video is all about Chloe and she did great.

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