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We were approached by Andrew regarding his new business venture. Having competed as an international athlete, completed his PhD and mastered his teaching certifications, he was looking to grow his personal brand even further, fuelling his new passion and sharing his knowledge through his next chapter - Andrew Richardson Consultancy. Andrew will be offering services in Sport Policy, Teaching, Research (Transgender in sport, Steroids and more). With no current business structure or online presence for the business, we outlined a plan of action.

Having a clear view of his needs we created the foundation for his online consultancy business, giving Andrew a professional, clean website to host his services.


Video Production (WIP)

Brand Design 

Website Design (WIP)

Photography (WIP)

Key Speaker


Before we could start on the website we needed a Brand Design. Having sat down with Andrew to discuss the business we got to work on designing a logo to fit his vision. From the logo we could create branding material matching the font, style and colour to keep professional fluency and consistency across all media platforms.

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We narrowed down the logo into a very modern minimalistic style. The logo is made up of two letters "A" and "R" to match the company name. Using a series of circles and lines combined with overlapping letters we have created a simple circular design perfect for modern day Apps and platforms. The design is recognizable at any scale and fits alongside many text variables and aspect ratios. The design has very few points of overlap allowing for a lot of flexibility in print and animation for future content. We have decided to keep the logo 2D in style to fit the modern style trends however the flatlay style of design could easily translate to 3D for future material for longevity. Clean and professional. 


The colour we chose is a gradient of blue on a directional plane. We chose blue for two reasons. One, Andrew will be specialising in sport and health, blue has strong connotations in this area. Its a safe, clean and fresh colour, attributes that we want to highlight in this new and upcoming business. Two, Andrew currently runs a very popular fitness blog "strength is never a weakness" which matches similar colour tones. Going with a similar colour palette means we can tie the audiences together merging the platforms, giving Andrew a large boost of traffic from the start. Throughout all future designs (website, features, campaigns etc) the base palette will surround this colour spectrum, developing the brand through consistency over time. 

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Keeping a clean and simple design allows the brand a lot of flexibility for future creative media and campaigns. Being able to allow the branding style to drop into black or white and maintain a clean, clear design is a must when networking with other platforms and businesses.


To round off the logo we added a clean thin text element to focus in on the business name and field. "Consultation" to tie in with "AR" picture logo style, and "sport, policy and research" to outline what the business does and the audience it is aimed at. The same text style will be used in future designs with different weights and positioning.

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